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Five Exhibiting Secrets


1. Visibility Promotes Acceptability

In order to stimulate interest in your products by the audience, it is imperative that the presenter is seen as well as the products. The suggested elevation for the presenter is from 12" to 20" the main floor.


2. Break the News

Communicating effectively generates interest. The key to securing and keeping your audience's attention is being sure that the presenter is heard loudly and clearly. Your product may be far superior to your competitor's; yet, if the audience finds it difficult to hear about the fine attributes of your products, you could easily lose the audience to your competitors. Invest/rent at least a 100-watt public address system that has quality speakers and a headset microphone that will permit the presenter freedom of movement.


3. Raise the Bar

During a presentation, be sure that your products/services can be seen without having the audience compete for "visibility space". Products should be raised on counters that are at least 55" to 75" above the main floor. This will permit the shortest, tallest and those in between to comfortably browse and/or discuss the products with the presenter. This secret is significant to the success of your sales.


4. A Professional Corporate Magician

During a trade show, a worthwhile attraction is an experienced (10 years or more) sales entertainer (Corporate Magician). Based on his skills, he generates excitement, curiosity, and an understanding of the product. As an end result, numerous people will be captivated by his presentation, which could generate leads, raise one's enthusiasm for the product and leave a lasting imprint in the attendees' minds.


5. Gifts & Promotional Products

Attendees are motivated to attend information intensive demonstrations if they believe they will be rewarded with gifts or promotional products. You can count on us to get your imprinted promotional products. Choose from hundreds of proven promotional items, including nylon wallets, sport shirts, buttons, sunglasses, pens and imprinted trade show bags. Join our satisfied clients who trust us with their imprinted promotional product needs. Ask for a "Best Buys" catalog. 



"We will not be doing a trade show without you!"

Gary Acedo, Office Depot

"Funny, Charismatic, Professional, and a VERY good Magician."

Deb Wegner, American Express

"His energy...INCREDIBLE..."

Michael Carter, McAfee/Intel Security

"...engaging, funny and his magic left all the guests in awe!"

Becky Moore, Facebook

"Five stars all around for Stephan!"

Katy Mallory,