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Trade Shows

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Stephan's 20 plus years of hard work allows him to tailor each presentation to its specific crowd.  Stephan's wit, sophiscation and charm will win over the people, while he effortlessly develops a unique pitch for your product/services.  Audiences will laugh, jaws will drop, sales messages heard, booth traffic increased and qualified leads collected...100% Guaranteed!  Stephan's background in business and sales, and his love for magic make it a winning combination for any trade show.

Stephan says, "If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results of my Viral Advertising Technique combined with the magic on the first day at your trade show booth, we will shake hands, I will walk away and the first day will be on me.  This is my promise to you!"

(Expenses are exempted from the Guarantee.)



"We will not be doing a trade show without you!"

Gary Acedo, Office Depot

"Funny, Charismatic, Professional, and a VERY good Magician."

Deb Wegner, American Express

"His energy...INCREDIBLE..."

Michael Carter, McAfee/Intel Security

"...engaging, funny and his magic left all the guests in awe!"

Becky Moore, Facebook

"Five stars all around for Stephan!"

Katy Mallory,